Lawn-chair Church at Whispering Spruce Campground

Story and Photos by Sharon Pasula

Lawn-chair Church sounded too intriguing to miss, so I drove out to Pigeon Lake on July 30th and visited the Rev. Maralyn Benay at site 23, Whispering Spruce Campground. Besides the relaxed and informal ambience, the thing I appreciated the most was that the service is held outside. It is in a gazebo, but still outside. Another highlight was that I had the privilege and pleasure to present a smudge at the start of the service. 

My spirit was refreshed and I plan to attend again when Rev. Maralyn returns from Scotland. In case you were thinking about going, hold off for a couple weeks. When she comes back you may hear her ‘speaking Scottish.’ I interviewed Rev. Maralyn about Lawn-chair Church and you can watch it on YouTube.

Is there lawn chair church where you camp?