Edson Community Christmas at Kate's Kitchen

The joint Anglican/Lutheran parish in Edson runs a monthly community meal, known as Kate’s Kitchen. The community that gathers gets much more than a full tummy – they get to be part of a group of people who welcome them and want them to be there. The meal is open to anyone who would like to come: some attend due to financial need, some in search of friendship, some because they enjoy the food and the fellowship. It is a significant and growing outreach for the parishes of St. Catherine’s (Anglican) and Grace (Lutheran).

This year, thanks to the generosity of the staff at Repsol, the parish was able to provide a Christmas meal for 70 people. Tables were set up in the hall, in the entryway, and in the back of the church to accommodate those who attended. Many hands helped out with the set-up, serving and the cleaning up. Submitted by the Rev. Keith Denman Photos: Joan Carter / Keith Denman

Watch the February issue of The Messenger for the story of Kate's Kitchen as told by by Joan Carter.