Buye and Edmonton Dioceses Help Families in Need

Our brother in Christ the Rev. Dominique Ciza, Buyé diocesan secretary, shared some wonderful news in a recent email to diocesan treasurer the Rev. John Gee:  

“I am so pleased to let you know that with the additional funds of $6527.70 CAD, we were able to assist 180 of the poorest families affected by the famine with beans. Almost all of them are Batwa people, recognized as indigeneous people, and others are elderly and widows. Actually, Batwa people are very poor because they don’t have enough land to grow crops, and they used to survive by pottery, but nowadays the pottery products do not have a market. They are being replaced by industrial products. With the assistance, and as we are entering the farming season, they have seeds of beans to sow, and food to sustain them for a while.  

The activity was honoured by Bishop Sixbert (Macumi); Mrs. Clotilde, Mother’s Union (MU) President; the Rev. Canon Bibiane, MU Secretary and the Rev. Dominique Ciza, diocesan secretary.  

The recipients were very excited and happy with the assistance package, and appreciated so much Buyé and Edmonton dioceses for having thought about them and assisting them with the very needed food item. They continued saying that a part of the package will be sown and another part will be eaten hoping that they shall reach the harvesting period without any food shortage.  

The parish priests also thanked the Buyé and Edmonton dioceses for the support; they said that it was their priority to assist those Batwa people and other needy people. They continued saying that the support will bear fruits as far as discipleship is concerned among the Batwa community and hope will be restored to the starving people.”