Building the health and strength of Buyé children

Bishop Jane’s Christmas appeal for donations to renovate the pediatric ward of the Buyé health centre was a resounding success. Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, Edmonton Diocese has raised more than $77,000 for the project ($65,000 from Reach pledges and $12,000 from individual donations). We are waiting approval from PWRDF to begin work on the project, which is anticipated to begin this spring. The Rev. Dominique Ciza, Health and Christian Education Coordinator for Buyé Diocese, says the ward currently in use was built in the 1940’s and is very congested, with two and sometime three patients sharing a bed. As a result, children are being re-infected by other patients, picking up illnesses other than those for which they were admitted in the first place. Rev. Dominique says the new extension will go a long way to solving these issues. Last year Edmonton Diocese sponsored the construction of a maternity ward in Buyé, which has allowed them to serve approximately 5,400 women each year, providing a clean and safe space for deliveries and c-sections. 

Further donations can be mailed or dropped of at the Synod Office, 10035-103 St, Edmonton AB, T5J 0X5. Please make cheques payable to The Diocese of Edmonton and mark "Buyé Pediatric Ward" in the memo line.